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Vertical Platform Lifts

We carry vertical lifts by Sterling/Handicare, Harmar and ThyssenKrupp.
ThyssenKrupp Journey                                ThyssenKrupp Model RE Exterior and Interior Applications

Vertical lifts are an affordable alternative to ramps. These units

can be utilized in indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential applications.

The wheelchair access ramp flips up when the lift is in use and flips down

when it reaches the lower landing, allowing for easy on/off.

The platform raises and lowers with a simple constant pressure rocker

switch. An emergency stop button is positioned next to the rocker switch.


The platform is equipped with a safety pan, which will stop

its downward travel if an obstruction is encountered.

Harmar IL500 Sierra Inclined Platform Lift

The Harmar IL500 Sierra Inclined Platform Lift is ideal for use in residential applications. The unit mounts to the stairs, not the wall, and extends only 12” from the wall when folded. The wall-mounted guide rail doubles as a convenient hand rail. Outdoor package available.

Deck Lifts

Sterling 9000 Deck and Porch Lifts provide accessibility without barriers.

This market leading lift offers more features as standard than any other lift available. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, it has a glavanized frame and 750lb lifting capacity. Exclusive rack and pinion design ensures very quiet and smooth operation. The Sterling 9000 comes standard with hand rail and anti-slip surface on platform, remote call sends, under panel safety switches, emergency stop and alarm buttons, keyed control to prevent unauthorized use and manual lowering system for emergencies. Top landing gate is optional.

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