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BHM Medical Ceiling Lifts

Voyager Duo                                   Voyager on Easytrack FS            Lightweight Voyager Portable Unit

Designed with the caregiver and the end user in mind,

BHM Medical ceiling lifts reduce potential risk

of injury while increasing the quality of care to the person

with reduced mobility. Manual transfer without the proper

equipment is identified as the most common cause for back

injuries to the caregiver.


The Voyager Duo is a fixed ceiling lift which enables the caregiver

to perform safe lifting with less efforts during the transfers of

patient with reduced mobility.The Voyager® Duo has a lifting capacity

of 220 lb with an option to change the initial lifting capacity to 440 lb.


Whether you are transferring a patient from a bed, chair or floor,

the lightweight, Portable Voyager will always give you the same

dependability and reliability. Our wide range of slings will help

you in all types of situations.


We can help you with any track configuration.

Contact us with your specific needs.


Track configurations allow for a wide variety of mobility options.

Room Layout

BHM Medical ceiling track systems can be integrated into any

home environment. Combined with additional tracks and turntable,

exchanger and gate accessories, the KWIKtrack system can be

used for a complete home coverage.

Easytrack and Easytrack FS Systems

Overhead ceiling lifts are the best solution.The Easytrack system

eliminates the hassle and cost of installation with a 2 post,

3 post pivoting rail or full room 4 post systems for full room coverage.


The Easytrack FS is a freestanding, versatile solution for all

types of point-to-point transfers - wheelchair to bed, bed to chair,

even in the bathroom...anywhere there is a lift and transfer need.

The Easytrack FS has a safe working load of 440 pounds,

exceptional for a portable product making it suitable

for use in most homes. This equipment was designed to allow those

with a mobility impairment to continue to live at home and

enjoy many normal activities. Contact us to discuss a solution that is

right for your situation.


Easytrack FS                                     Easytrack 2-, 3- and 4 Post Systems
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