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Modular and Portable Aluminum Ramps

Wood Access Ramps

Aluminum Modular Access Ramps

Home Health Accessibility will assess the customer’s needs, and supply and install a ramp system that best meets those needs. Options include ADA compliant wood decks and ramps, modular ramps and platforms, portable folding ramps, MINI ramps, and ramp accessories. Ramps are appropriate for either permanent or temporary use, in commercial or residential applications.

We install ramps by Access4U and EZ Access.


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Modular Ramps and Platforms

Easily configured to the home’s structure, these ramps have an attractive appearance, with choice of aluminum or vinyl decking. They offer an economical, maintenance-free alternative to wood.

Modular units can be disassembled and removed for storage, and lend themselves to temporary situation use, such as a return home after surgery. Handrail extensions are available as accessories.


Portable Folding and Mini Ramps

Folding ramps fold to fit into a car or van. Both folding and mini ramps have a skid-proof aluminum deck, and are ideal for temporary use, but can also be used permanently for areas with only one or two steps.



Permanent Wood Ramps, Platforms and Decks
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